A Day in the Life of a Baby at the Policy Center

Hi, I’m Mila, and I want to tell you about being a Policy Center baby. Thanks to the Policy Center’s Baby at Work (B.A.W.) program, I got to go to my work with my mama for the first six months. I got to have fun at the office with my mom. I promised to be on my best behavior… most of the time… unless I got hungry, then all bets are off.


1. For the past 6 months, my mom and I collaborated on important work everyday. She delved into paperwork and emails, while I read books and worked on my tummy timeI even had my own desk, complete with a changing table, a seat by the window, and toys!

2. At the Policy Center, I took part in many important staff meetings. I don’t want to say too much, but some of them took place behind closed doors with the CEO and President.


3. Throughout my time at the Policy Center, I also took part in birthday party celebrations. Lawanda always wanted to hold me. Ok, fine, maybe I wanted her to hold me a little also.  


4. Sometimes, if I got a little cranky, Lawanda would take me to her office and show me cartoons on her computer. That always brightened my mood, even though my face may not look like it here.


5. At the end of the school year, we went to the Girl Matters: It’s Elementary (GMIE) graduation, and spent time with the students. Soon, I will be just like these girls, playing and learning at school.


6. The fun did not stop there, my mom took me on a research team retreat in the summer.


7. As my time at the Policy Center came to an end, the staff made me a memento to remember my B.A.W. experience: my very own shirt reading “See the Baby Girl.”


8. They threw me a graduation party, topped with a graduation cap and cupcakes! I told myself to eat just one, but I forgot and ate three. 


9. Although I was the first baby in the Baby at Work program, I’m not the only one. Alani joined the program a year later.  The team seems to really like having us around! Even though I am no longer at the Policy Center, I am still a girl expert. I’ve started my training in school, doing field research and hands on learning, so I can understand what it is like to be a girl today.


By Anisa Patel

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